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Defensive Driver Training - Retired Trooper Mcleod with his many years experience can train your drivers in collision avoidance techniques, therefore, making safer drivers and saving lives on our roadways. For peace of mind put us to the task!
TASC Consulting Services
TASC Consulting strives to provide our customers high-quality services customized to meet their unique needs. 
MOCK CVSA Truck Inspections - Empower your drivers with this training of understanding the levels of CVSA roadside inspection. Why have roadside inspections? How can you get a good inspection and improve CSA scores with good inspections?How does CSA work?
Mock Audit Files - Are you prepared for a Compliance Review Audit? Let T.A.S.C. ease your mind. We will ensure your State and Federal DOT files are compliant with 49CFR Parts(s) 382,383,385,387,391,393,395 and 396.
Load Securement - T.A.S.C. Consulting provides load securement training for lowboy and dump truck drivers ensuring safer roadways. 
TASC Consulting now offers 4 hr. Defensive Driving Classes, using the S.A.M.E. method to create more professional drivers. Please call for more information 919-291-7447.
Wreck Procedures - What should my driver do at the wreck scene? What should I do?
Driver Presentation - How should a driver react during roadside inspection or at wreck scene?

OLS-Operation Lifesaver Training - "Train time is anytime."  T.A.S.C. supports OLS.
"Loyality, Integrity and Professionalism"